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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  November 2, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. cries for help. communities still in the dark with the growing death toll from sandy. how pleas for relief are quickly turning to anger. >> plus an agent attacked a bike toting passenger assaults a muni worker. how the victim is recovering and the search for the suspect. >> we are live at the tech museum of innovation at san jose. this is staff only but i don't see any staff around so i'm going to play with this today! and we'll talk weather, coming up. >> here's a live look at 280 traffic heading into san francisco. no problems but we're watching
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a couple of issues in the east bay. more coming up. >> it's friday, november 2. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 5:01. the death toll keeps getting higher in the ten states devastated by sandy. >> at least 92 people have been killed by the storm that struck on sunday. the number of deaths blamed on superstorm sandy is up to at least 92. the bodies of two young children were found who were swept from their mother's arms. long gas lines are frustrating drives in new york where one man was arrested for pulling a gun for cutting in line. cbs reporter randall pinkston joins us from the jersey shore with problems people are facing. >> reporter: good morning. the number of utility workers from around the country getting their power back online, mass transit coming back online, but there's so many problems, there's so many people who have lost homes, the temperatures
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are dropping, they don't have electricity, they don't have heat so small wonder that tempers are fraying. reporter: you didn't have to look hard to find frustrated people. there were long lines to get gas and long lines to get into new york city, as police enforced a three-person per vehicle rule. traffic will only get better when all of the tunnels and subway lines are clear of water. and the pumps are operating 24 hours a day to speed up the process. but one look at this tunnel connecting manhattan and brooklyn shows just how much work is still left to be done. the nights are especially hard for people without electricity. >> we've been cold some nights. >> dark and cold. >> reporter: con ed says it will have power back on tomorrow for hundreds of thousands of people in manhattan. that's good news for elaine and mark. they have been stuck in their 20th floor apartment without elevator service since the storm
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knocked out power. >> coming up is really a hardship for us. >> that's why we stayed up here. >> reporter: here in new jersey, police began allowing people who live along the coast back into their homes for the first time since the storm. for many, it was an emotional homecoming. >> got upset. we lost everything we had. it's nothing we can do. >> reporter: vicente juarez says the water rose 3 feet high in his stafford township home. he spent the afternoon throwing everything away. damage from sandy is estimated at $50 billion. and unfortunately, for many people, there's no insurance. new jersey governor chris christie has prepared a water emergency urging everyone to conserve. reporting live in stafford township, new jersey, i'm randall pinkston. back to you. >> randall, it sounds like manhattan, they are making progress with the electricity there.
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how about new jersey? that state was just devastated. when will the power be on for most of those folks? >> reporter: well, anecdotally we can tell you about one of the power suppliers here in new jersey pse and g which takes care a lot of the state. they will have some on in a few days but some won't have power for at least 12 days. by then temperatures will be in the freezing zone. >> do we know if there are still people trapped by the floodwaters? >> we believe that most of those people have been rescued or taken out of their apartments. for the most part that was happening in hoboken as you know, a town that had a lot of flooding. flooding occurs there ordinarily just with heavy rain and with this situation, it was a disaster. so we believe that most of those people are okay. >> can't help but see the boat behind you. how far are you from a harbor or from water? how far did that boat travel? >> reporter: i'm about a 100
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yards from a bay. there's a marina there. there's another boat there. i think there's some other boats around. so the boat didn't have to travel a long distance to get here but i'm quite sure that the owners are going to be concerned about getting it back and checking it out. pretty expensive boat. >> no kidding. randall pinkston in new jersey, thank you. new york's mayor michael bloomberg has decided to go ahead with this weekend's scheduled new york city marathon. there's some criticism about the decision. but the mayor says the race will show the city's resilience and itwill be a financial boost for the city. so we're asking, should the new york city marathon go on as planned? you can comment on facebook or twitter or email us at >> a lot of folks in hotels right now are going to get thrown out because people are coming in for the marathon. so it is quite a controversy. 50. air force bases in california are coordinating a massive
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airlift to help with hurricane relief efforts. the cargo plane cook off from travis air force base part of 17 aircraft heading to new york. they are carrying more than a million pounds of equipment ah including utility trucks and relief supplies. the last monthly jobs report before next tuesday's presidential election is being released in about 30 minutes. cate caugiran has more. reporter: good morning. whatever the numbers show it will serve more as ammunition for both president obama and mitt romney in their final push before tuesday's big election. political experts say at this point, it's unlikely these numbers will sway voters. today's report will be from october. economists predict a slight gain in jobs from last month. the september report shows unemployment dropped to 7.8%. that was the first dip below 8 since the president took office. today both candidates are plunging into rapid campaign pace. president obama has three events in the battleground state of ohio, mitt romney has two. a lot of analysts say the
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buckeye state could be the deciding state in the electoral vote. >> today, because of the resilience of the american people, our businesses have created over 5 million new jobs. [ applause and cheers ] >> the american auto industry is back on top. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: yesterday the president got back on the campaign trail after overseeing the government's response to superstorm sandy on the east coast. >> middle income people in america have really been squeezed and so people recognize this is an election that will make a real difference. now, the president's proposal in a setting like this is to continue on the same road. he has a campaign slogan which is "forward." i saw the signs out front. forward. i think forewarned is a better word. >> now, a weak job report could fuel mitt romney's campaign. the gop challenger says obama's
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policies have held back on the economy's economic recovery. some political experts say few if any voters are undecided and they have shown throughout the year not to be susceptible to positive or negative monthly changes in the unemployment rate. reporting live in the newsroom, cate caugiran, cbs 5. thank you. lawrence has left us. he is down in san jose with a little preview. >> he is playing the science guy. i don't think you're ever coming back, lawrence. >> reporter: no. this is a lot of fun. a lot of kids can come down here and make some really interesting neat stuff. it's all part of a neat science festival they have at the tech museum of innovation in san jose. if you want to check it out. they have all kinds of things. this is what they are going to be using to launch some of those planes right here in the lobby and around the tech museum. they have exhibits, imax, real scientists that you can come down and meet and ask them very important questions too. the silicon valley really the center of what has been major
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innovations that really changed the world. you can come down and meet some of the scientists who have helped to make some of the changes. of course, the weather looking nice now. we are talking about some sunshine coming our way. we're going to need it this morning. it's chilly in spots, low 40s in the north bay valleys, 50s elsewhere, partly cloudy skies. we have a couple of patches of fog and high clouds likely to drift across our skies for today so it looks like things are going to shape up to be very nice for the weekend as high pressure builds in. the temperatures should start to warm up although today you will see highs in the 60s and low 70s as you approach some of the inland valleys but if you want to come down and check out the tech museum of innovation, it's a great time to do, it's fun for all for big and little kids. i'm going to try to build one of of these to see if i can get my plane to fly. we'll see what i can come up with by the end of the show. >> that's cool. i have never been. you make me want to check it out. thanks, lawrence. >> reporter: it's fun. >> let's go live to the san mateo bridge. they picked up roadwork ahead of schedule on westbound 92. for a while only one lane was
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open approaching the high-rise overnight but now that we're getting into the morning drive things are starting to reopen and traffic is pick up so the taillights are heading towards foster city and the peninsula. 14 minutes out of hayward. to oakland, here's a live look at the nimitz, 880 near the oakland comes. we just checked in with chp. and the tennyson exit and the marina boulevard accident from northbound 880, no lanes are blocked from hayward towards downtown. coming through the altamont pass and livermore, all the way towards the dublin interchange, everything is quiet even though you can see those headlights moving at the limit approaching 680. that is traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. 5:10 now. a violent attack in a san francisco muni station and it's all caught on camera. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec tells us police say an angry bicyclist went after a station agent. you're going to show us the video. anne? >> reporter: that bicyclist was last seen on the street at market and van ness. but he did get away and police
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are hoping this new security video will help track him down. it was taken on october 10 around 7:40 p.m. you can see the suspect running down the stairs with his bike after the agent told him bikes weren't allowed. the agent was following him. the suspect spins around and starts punching and kick the agent who is just out of the camera's view there. that agent is 55 years old. he was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. he is out of the hospital but he is still not back at work. there is surveillance video taken via the municipal transportation agency security cameras and there are witnesses on the platform watching this and if any of those folks have not yet had an opportunity to speak to investigators, we're asking them to come forward. >> the suspect is caucasian between 25 and 30 years old about 6 feet tall with brown hair. now, if you want to get another look at that video, you think you might know this guy, we have it for you on our website,
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live in san francisco, anne makovec, cbs 5. thank you. world series celebrations turned violent sunday in san francisco's mission district. officers say it's part of a recent uptick in street brawls and other violent crimes. the department announced more plans to add new officers to the area including the intersections by the 24th and 16th vote to bart stations. the neighborhood has seen four homicides in the past two weeks. 5:12 on a friday. are you running on empty? which carmaker is accused of overstating gas mileage on its cars. >> plus, a brazen bra heist. how thieves stole thousands of dollars worth of bras. >> can you say that again? >> brassiere. >> heist. and why did the salmon cross the road? this is no joke. a crazy sight in washington. we got it for you coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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salmon in mason county, washington, blame it on alle all right, michelle. why did the fish cross the road? >> to get to the other side? >> something like that. salmon in mesa county, washington, blame it on the flooding. heavy rains left farms and roads covered in water. there goes another one. apparently it confused the fish in a big way. some residents are taking advantage of it and so are the dogs. look at
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that. the local dogs are happy about it. 5:16. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> i cannot compete with that video. amazing stuff. traffic wise we're doing okay. a couple earlier fender- benders, everything is now out of lanes. we are "friday light" across the bay area. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza and we usually like to say this is the best indicator of how things are moving all over the bay area. as you can see, just a few headlights heading into san francisco. for the silicon valley ride, 880/237, clear, no fog. that westbound 237 ride about 8 minutes between 880 and 101. coming through the dublin interchange, you can see a lot of headlights right now making their way through pleasanton so headlights that's westbound taillights moving eastbound towards livermore and right now
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it's a 15-minute drive time between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. so we also have cameras all over the bay area. we sent our photographer this morning to 280. this is coming know san francisco. right there near the mariposa exit. and so far things are looking good heading past at&t, king street. looks great all the way up to 280 and 101. that is your traffic. for more on your forecast, we sent lawrence out live to san jose this morning where he is embracing his inner science geek. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are at the tech museum of innovation in san jose. they have science festival taking place right now. i want to introduce you to jessica henry in charge of the programming and learning center here and jessica, you guys have to be really excited about the science project this weekend and what's going on. >> well, the science festival is an amazing festival over 100 events all over the bay area october 20th through november 4 and the tech museum of innovation is really proud to be partnering with them. >> reporter: what can we expect to see if we come down here?
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>> we are putting on 6 programs. three happened and three are coming up. >> reporter: what might those be? >> well, coming up we are bringing our [ indiscernible ] launcher to the bay area science festival discovery days at at&t park in san francisco. tonight we've had a talk with five local scientists changing the way we understand the world and then this weekend visitors can come to the museum and program willow garage's pr 2- row boat which is a powerful research robot which the visitors can program it to do anything even dance. >> reporter: that is very cool. now, [ indiscernible ] sometimes we see that up in san francisco they have one of those coming up but they have real people. this is a little safer and we want to show people. can you show us how they do this? some kids can come down and make the planes and then launch them to see if their innovations work. one, two... >> ready, set, fluke tog! >> that's pretty good. i'm going to see if i can build a plane to see if it can fly half as good as that. these were made by kids in the bay area. the weather looking good.
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if you want to come down here or around the rest of the bay area it looks like this weekend going to see a lot of sunshine and some nice weather starting out with some partly cloudy skies this morning. we have patchy fog and chilly temperatures but by the afternoon, we'll see a lot of sunshine and passing high clouds. the numbers running into the 60s and 70s. the ridge of high pressure builds in over the weekend and that means maybe an offshore flow kicking in towards sunday and monday. maybe some of those temperatures moving up into the 80s. but traveling around i think you're looking good for today. of course, the storm clouds move through they are long gone now. temperatures down in the southern half of the bay looking good. 60s getting near 70 degrees. east bay temperatures should be up in the 60s and low 70s by the afternoon with a few high clouds drifting through and as you make your way inside the bay, we'll see those temperatures also running in the 60s so looking at good weather ahead as we set toward the weekend temperatures in the 80s as we get into sunday probably the peak of the heat maybe some mid-80s towards monday with
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the offshore wind. then temperatures cool down. over the next few days, if you want to come out and enjoy the tech museum of innovation, a really fun way to learn about science. yeah, maybe i'm a bit of a science geek but you know what? i think this is a good way for a lot of folks to get out here and maybe learn some of the things that are really all around us now including all the computers and, of course, i love the airplanes. those are fantastic. that's the latest from here, guys. back to you. >> a great weekend to get out. okay, lawrence, thank you. it took less than 25 minutes for help to arrive during the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. a government timeline says cia officials reacted quickly after the first call for help back in september. the timeline may be a rebuttal to a news report claiming the cia told its personnel to stand down rather than go into the consulate. it's 5:20 now. some car owners are getting a refund because their vehicles didn't exactly get the gas mileage the makers promised. an epa audit revealed that hundred die and kia overstated
5:21 am
the -- hyundai and kia overstated the mileage on the last three years. they were inflated by one or two miles per gallon but one was off by 6 miles per gallon. that's a lot. both companies blame procedu errors. they will give customers refunds. a brazen bra heist by an organized group of halloween shoplifters. employees at victoria's secret say it was likely a group of women who came into the palo alto store on a busy halloween day and stole $11,000 worth of bras. that's more than 200 brass in a matter of seconds. shoppers say they are not surprised. >> one bra you're talking about like $80, 50. so yeah -- >> you can see why they stole them? >> oh, yeah. >> they are not cheap. police have no suspect descriptions so far. thieves hit the same store just last friday and took $7,000 worth of bras, as well.
5:22 am
>> but you still have to pay for it. >> then you have to sell them, too, right? what do you do with 200 bras? anyway. 5:22. coming up a buzzer beater in the nba. >> plus, he really was the giants good luck charm. now this orange haired monkey at the sf zoo has been named. ,,,,,,
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we are starting a little chilly around the bay area today but by the afternoon should be fairly nice some partly cloudy skies. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. but you won't believe what kind of weather we're going to see this weekend. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and we're just getting an alert that traffic lights are out off the golden gate bridge heading into san francisco. police are out there directing traffic. we'll have much more on what
5:26 am
this means for the morning commute coming up. >> liz, something new over at uc-berkeley could cause problems a little later tonight. the cal bears are playing their first-ever friday night home game and they are going to play under the lights against washington. it starts at 6:00. it's nationally televised. berkeley officials are telling people to use public transit to get to the game. it's a nightmare to park your car up there anyway. some streets near the stadium will be closed but it should be fun. and now, your play of the day. >> that's pretty sweet! that's your may of the day. what a shot, time running out 3rd quarter thunder's eric maynor launching one from way past half court and that baby is going through the bottom of the net there. but the thunder lost to the spurs 86-84. but hey, pretty good shot. >> no kidding. the giants good luck charm over at the zoo now has a name. it's romo. the orange headed monkey was born during the national league
5:27 am
championship series and before the giants even made it to the world series, the team had nothing to do i guess with the look but he is an aptly named romo after giants closer sergio romo of course. zoo keepers say the name fits with the monkey's playful personality. but she doesn't have the dimples. >> you think romo is? >> i think romo is cute just like that little monkey. >> that's not the word you used. [ laughter ] the final jobs report just one minutes away? >> i think the word was hot. we feel move on. inspiring or inappropriate? the controversy over plans to hold the new york city marathon right in the middle of sandy's devastation. we'll be right back. they thought he made a clean getaway before you he was caught on security camera. we'll show you the video of a man they say attacked a muni agent next.
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call or click today. november 2nd. i'm michelle griego. tempers flare in the aftermath of superstorm sandy. >> i got no gas! >> new yorkers out of gas, food and patience. >> get in front of me! if it makes you happy! >> reporter: here in new jersey, police began allowing people who live along the coast back into their homes for the first time. >> with four days to go, the presidential candidates make that i final swing. >> let's put americans back to work doing the work that needs to be done. >> there is no question, in my view, that we really can't have four more years like the last four years. >> on wall street, investors are waiting to hear the government's monthly jobs report out this morning. >> shocking. >> hot lingerie, $11,000 worth of bras swiped from a bay area
5:32 am
victoria's secret. >> turns out these guys were good. they made it completely through undetected. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "eyewitness news this morning." and i'm frank mallicoat. tis 5-- t assaults a good morning, everyone. it's friday, november 2. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:32 now. an angry bicyclist assaults a muni station agent and it's all caught on camera. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec is in san francisco with the newly released surveillance video. >> good morning. reporter: good morning. the station agent was badly injured. he is out of the hospital but he is still not back at work here at the muni station behind me on van ness and market. here is that surveillance video that police have just released hoping it will help catch the suspect in this case. this is taken at the station on october 10 at 7:40 p.m. it started when the agent told the suspect bikes weren't allowed on muni. police say he jumped a railing with his bike anyway and started walking toward the platform. the agent followed and the suspect started punching and kicking him.
5:33 am
the 55-year-old agent was badly hurt. he was taken to the hospital. meantime, the bicyclist ran out of the station and got away. that bicyclist is described as a caucasian man between 25 and 30 years old about 6 feet tall with brown hair. now, police know there were a lot of witnesses on the platform. it was just before 8 p.m. on a busy even so they are hoping those witnesses will come forward as would anybody who might recognize that man in the picture you just saw. we have that video again for you if you want to see it again. live in san francisco, anne makovec, cbs 5. a search is on for a couple accused of stealing mail out of people's mailboxes in fairfield. one man set up a surveillance video and put the red flag up on his mailbox. the resulting video shows an altima pulling up in broad daylight. then a woman gets out and grabs the mail. as you can see there. one victim says she had a check stolen which was then copied and turned into fake payments.
5:34 am
the search is on for two suspects accused of stealing more than $7,500 from a half moon bay 7-eleven. surveillance video caught them especialliering the store. depth -- entering the store. deputies say one man asked the clerk about lottery tickets on monday. then the other suspect went into an office and grabbed cash. store workers didn't find out about the theft until a few hours later. new this morning, there's a $15,000 reward for any information to solve an east oakland murder. a memorial growing outside a cell phone store where the owner there was robbed and gunned down halloween night as he was closing down his store. 50-year-old wilbur bartley was described as an oakland's raiders fan an reliable cell phone salesman who often made special arrangements for financially struggling customers to pay their bills. >> he was always given the kids raider tickets, kids would come in if they were hungry he would give them money to feed them. >> personally saddened by this very senseless act of violence
5:35 am
and i pledge to this family and this community that we will forge as many resources as we can into finding the killer. >> reporter: police tell us a number of shots were fired when bartley was killed. the unemployment rate ticks up. the latest figures were just released moments ago. cate caugiran is in the newsroom with more on the crucial jobs report. >> reporter: this is a fitting end to basically what has been a nail biting race. the numbers show the u.s. economy added about 171,000 jobs in october, unemployment went up to 7.9%. the september report showed that unemployment rate dropped to 7.8% that was the first dip below 8 since the president took office but in terms of voters experts say at this point it's unlikely to sway them. today both candidates look kicking up the campaigns in full gear. the president has three events in the buckeye state today while mitt romney has two.
5:36 am
a lot of analysts say the buckeye state could be the deciding state in the electoral vote. >> today our businesses have created over 5 million new jobs. the american auto industry is back on top. >> reporter: mitt romney has two events in ohio today. from there he goes to pennsylvania. >> middle income people in america have been squeezed so people know this will make a difference. the president's proposal in a setting like this is to continue on the same road. he has a campaign slogan which is "forward." i saw the signs out front, forward. i think forewarned is a better word. >> reporter: that slight increase in the unemployment rate will fuel mitt romney's campaign. the gop challenger has said obama's policies have held back on the economic recovery. now, regardless of these
5:37 am
results, as we have seen play out both sides will use this report as ammunition against each other in their final push before tuesday's big election. reporting live in the newsroom, cate caugiran, cbs 5. >> thank you. a new field poll just released this morning shows a plurality of california voters supports an end to the death penalty. but proposition 34 does not yet have more than 50% support. the polls show at least 45 to 38% with the rest undecided. prop 34 would make life in prison without the parole the most severe punishment in california. the latest field poll on proposition 30 shows support is slipping. it shows 48% of voters in favor with 38% opposed and 14% still undecided. prop 30 calls for a temporary quarter cent sales tax increase and would raise state income tax for those making more than a quarter million dollars a year. if prop 30 loses, it would trigger automatic deep cuts to
5:38 am
public education from elementary schools up to universities. 5:38. time for weather and lawrence is on the run. he is down in san jose with a preview of the second annual bay area science festival. he has some toys. >> did you build that? >> we are building airplanes and having all kinds of fun down here but you know what? if flying airplanes isn't for you there are all kinds of other things you can see here at the tech museum innovation right now. how about this? there's an asteroid that they are playing with down here. we are going to find out more about that and what they are trying to do to try and solve some real world problems and how they are getting some kids involved in that, too. still, the bay area weather looking good as we head out toward today. lots of sunshine coming our way. a little chilly to start early on as those temperatures are running in the 40s and 50s outside right now. and we are seeing some patchy dense fog showing up in some of the valleys so watch out for that this morning. still, as we head toward the afternoon we are going to see plenty of sunshine just a few clouds overhead. the temperatures will still be a little bit cool as you approach the coastline only into the 60s there but the valleys expecting lots of
5:39 am
sunshine and highs running up into the 70s. so looking like some pretty nice weather now, but some great weather as we head toward the weekend. we'll have more on that in a moment. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> good thing you're indoors. it's chilly. outside now, things look okay across the golden gate bridge. you can see this traffic shot. this is just before you reach the toll plaza. once you get past those pay gates, that's where we are seeing an issue coming into san francisco. the southbound doyle drive approach to marina boulevard the traffic lights are out. police are saying it's dark in the area so they are out there directing cars around. you cannot make a left turn right now onto marina boulevard. so we'll let you know as soon as the problem is resolved and hopefully it will be daylight soon enough too. that should resolve the problem if nothing he is does. otherwise, mass transit off to a great start so far on this friday morning. bart on time, as, muni, caltrain, ferries. by the way, we mentioned it. cal playing the university of washington 6 p.m. so it's often difficult to find parking there anyway. officials are urging you to use mass transit.
5:40 am
bart would be a great option forgetting into berkeley later on this evening. elsewhere, here's a live look at the east bay. this is the nimitz in oakland 880. taillights are moving northbound. pretty nice ride 16 minutes between 238 and the maze. we have a couple of earlier accidents hayward. everything is now cleared all lanes are back open. and if you are traveling southbound 880 into milpitas it's quiet there. drive time 6 minutes in those westbound lanes of 237 between 880 and 101. we'll have more traffic coming up. back to you guys. >> thank you. 5:40 now. some grim news from the east coast this morning. the number of deaths blamed on super storm sandy is now up to 92. two of the victims were young children who were found on staten island three days after floodwaters swept them from their mother's arms while she was holding on to them in their suv. some long gas lines frustrating drivers in new york, as well. one man was arrested for pulling a gun just to cut in line. and the lack of electricity a big, big problem for people
5:41 am
living without elevators in some of the high-rises and no heat, as well. >> coming up is really a hardship for us. >> that's why we stayed up here. >> cold some nights. dark and cold. >> power could be back on in lower manhattan by tomorrow. but it can take longer to get the water out of some of the tunnels and subways in new york. new york mayor michael bloomberg has decided to go ahead with this weekend's scheduled new york city marathon. there's a lot of criticism about it. but the mayor says the race will show the city's resilience and it will be a financial boost for the city. so we're asking, should the new york city marathon go on as planned? you can comment on facebook or twitter or email us at there are a lot of people in hotels because they don't have heat and older folks that have to leave the hotels now because all the people coming in for the marathon. >> true. 5:41. mini ipad, mini turnout? >> we're checking outlines in
5:42 am
the bay area for apple's tiny tablet. is it a hit? >> and using the force for good. what george lucas is doing with the $4 billion haul from his sale to disney. ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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5:44 am
if you vote early you don't
5:45 am
have to pay taxes. [ laughter ] >> i'm sorry. i'm being told that's not accurate. >> early voters will receive a $5 million donation from donald trump. [ laughter ] >> wow! >> honestly, don't you want this election over with already? >> yes, we do. >> oh. >> i think we all do. >> i think we do. yeah. but you know, it's going to be here soon. >> bright now i think both candidates just hope people vote with sandy. such a mess out there. >> business now. u.s. stock futures were mixed in light trading ahead of the jobs report that was just released. >> ashley morrison of has the new numbers from the labor department. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yes, better than expected news on the jobs front of the the labor department just released its monthly jobs report for october and it shows employers added 171,000 jobs! economists had predicted that the report would show employers added just 125,000 jobs. the jobless rate though went up to 7.8% from 7.8%.
5:46 am
but that was due mostly to more americans getting back into the workforce going up from 7.8% to 7.9%. only people who are looking for jobs are counted as the unemployed. this is just four days before the presidential election and may sway voters. on wall street thursday stocks staged their biggest rally in two months. they were closed monday and tuesday due to hurricane sandy. corporate america is helping in the aftermath of superstorm sandy. target is donating half a million dollars in relief efforts to the red cross and salvation army. it's also offering $25,000 in gift cards at local target stores for victims of the storm. rival retailer kohl's is joining by donating a million dollars to relief efforts and encouraging employees to assist in clean-up areas on the east coast. >> it certainly has been a devastating week for all of us here but i will say it's really great to see how much we come together as a community here in
5:47 am
new york and really help each other out. i know last night, my house we just finally got power and we are the only ones in the neighborhood. so i invited everyone to come on over for hot showers and heat because it's cold here. so there's all my neighbors with towels in my house. it was a little weird but kind of nice. >> good to be able to help. what's it like in manhattan? are the lights coming back on? lower manhattan was in the dark. >> yeah. it's very strange. like the upper half, you got lights. the lower half is just completely in the dark. people walking around trying to find a place to charge up their cell phone. it's really devastating to see everything that's been going on here. it's very hard. >> it is. >> we're a tough crowd. >> you are. >> you're a new yorker, come on. >> ashley morrison, thank you so much. a handful of apple fans is waiting for the ipad mini in san francisco this morning. last week apple took preorders for the 7.9" tablet and the white version sold out in just 20 minutes. today only the wi-fi version of
5:48 am
the ipad mini is on sale. it hits shelves next month. it's all about science and lawrence. he is the mad scientist today. we told him to go down to san jose. >> i think you're a mad scientist every day. >> every day. you guys know that. i love the science stuff. this is a great place to go if you want to see some of the science and the innovations behind things like the mini ipad. the tech museum of innovation and it's a great place to come. jessica hendricks is here to tell us about this exhibit. >> we're talking to kids about how we look at possibly mining as steroids. the first of the programs we put on is part of the bay area science festival was the information session for the tech challenge. the tech challenge is an
5:49 am
amazing opportunity for students in grades 5 to 12 to solve real world problems. >> reporter: when i was a kid it was play-doh. we're talking about flying to asteroids, other planets, all kinds of fantastic idea. this could be a reality. >> reporter: this is design project learning. it's a project-based learning experience where where creativity matters. an unmanned spacecraft has landed on a launch pad and they need to deploy instruments to each of three of these areas. >> fantastic. you know, this is stuff i used to read in comic books growing up. come down and enjoy the tech museum of innovation. the weather will be great towards the next couple of days. we are done with the rain. looks like temperatures are going to start to warm up but we are seeing some patchy fog in some of the valleys.
5:50 am
watch out for that. chilly temperatures too. 40s and 50s. but by the afternoon, highs will be running in the 60s and some 70s. high pressure building in overhead. the temperatures going to be soaring especially into the latter part of the weekend. i think we'll see that offshore flow kicking in and likely going to see beautiful weather all the way to the coastline. so with that in mind, we are going to look at some great weather around the bay area into the south bay. temperatures soaring into the 60s getting near 70 degrees. some 70s showing up on some of the east bay valleys by the afternoon with clouds drifting overhead and into the central bay those temperatures running generally into the 60s and it looks like we are going to see some nice weather ahead as high pressure builds in beautiful weather through monday and tuesday. then we start to cool down toward the latter part of the week. but yeah, science fiction becoming reality. you can talk about it right here at the tech museum of innovation. back to you. >> pretty cool stuff! thank you, lawrence. let's go out live show you some of our traffic cameras all across the bay area on this friday morning and overall, we're doing pretty well "friday light." here's a live look across the golden gate bridge. but if you are heading off the bridge getting into san francisco, some of traffic
5:51 am
lights are out so they are out there doing some traffic control on that southbound doyle drive approach to marina boulevard. apparently you cannot make a left right now. it's dark, so it's kind of a little bit dangerous in that area. that's why police are out there. across the span it looks okay all the way through marin county. in fact the 101 drive through san rafael quiet. you can see a lot of green on our traffic sensors so far on this friday morning. got a big cal game friday night playing university of washington 6 p.m. so they are saying to expect a lot of delays etch coming down the eastshore freeway already jam-packed anyway at that time of day. so take bart instead out towards the east bay. much more traffic coming up. back to you guys. >> thank you. time now is 5:51. a bay area cat with his paw on politics. the strange way he is predict the election results. >> and sitting on $23 million. how a california woman realized she won the lottery. and she found her ticket just in time.
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
o take about 1 the space shuttle atlantis is making its final 120-mile journey to its new home at the visitors complex and will take 12 hours to get there. and i have to show you some pictures from a couple of years ago. i actually saw one of atlantis' final missions. this was back in may of 2010. got to see atlantis' launch. and i have to tell you, it was the coolest thing i have ever done. it's very loud and we sat in the vip section where a lot of the astronauts family sit which was neat. >> you got hooked up. >> atlantic cool. >> very neat. george lucas is going to make billions selling his production empire to disney. he plans to give a lot of the $4 billion away. the hollywood reporter says he will donate most of the $4 billion from the sale of his "star wars" franchise to charity. nice move. well, one woman in southern
5:55 am
california almost missed out on millions herself. she bought a ticket worth $23 million in the california super lotto last may. at some point, she tossed it in the glove compartment of her car and forgot about it. lotto officials say the winner's daughter spotted her picture in the paper and got ahold of her. the winner will identify herself today at a news conference 24 days ahead of the deadline. she almost missed that deadline. >> but she didn't. >> hope her daughter gets a couple of bucks. believe it if you want. a fremont feline has picked barack obama to win the election. >> the cat called mr. nuts is known for his ability to predict outcomes in strange fashion in his litter box. >> why not. >> when faced with two options of boxes, romney on the right, obama on the left, mr. nuts chose to do his business on the right. it's his stamp of disapproval
5:56 am
for the republican hopeful. mr. nuts has a short history of picking losers. owners say he foresaw the defeat of the steelers in super bowl xlv and the new england patriots the following year. >> which of course gives this cat incredible credibility. >> i would think the one he didn't do his business in would be the winner. 5:56. next half hour coming up thieves snatching mail out of people's boxes. the bay area crime spree is caught on camera. traffic jams, gas lines and desperate commuters. how tempers are flaring in the aftermath of superstorm sandy. an angry bicyclist beats a muni agent and police are trying to track him down. we have the security video for you next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. a blue tal muni attack, an agent beaten for doing his job. >> lock lines for gas and the mother of all gridlock. the anger and frustration for the victims of superstorm sandy. >> i'm busy building right now to see if i can get my project to fly here at the tech museum of innovation. we are going to talk about that and your weather coming up. >> lawrence is having a ball. here's 280 heading into san francisco. still nice and light. what you need to know before you start your
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